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OurCal Roadmap

Vote for and suggest feature ideas here to help us build OurCal, the privacy-first shared calendar

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🧩 Android Calendar Widgets#91
It would be nice to have a widget that I could put in my home screen on my phone
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On iOS OurCal has a number of home and lock screen widgets that help you see your calendar outside the OurCal app. We'd love to bring this feature to Android, so let us know if it's something you'd use!
πŸ‘₯ MASSIVE groups (more than 100 members)#85
It would be nice to be able to share a calendar with a much larger group than 6 participants
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OurCal calendars can currently be shared with up to 100 members. However, we know some groups and communities are larger than that. Let us know if you'd like to use OurCal with a group bigger than 100.